Start spraying in seconds!
Premium 2.1 VOC available only through FSS-CDS.  
Non-sag properties, excellent U.V. Resistant Coating and gloss, long term durability.
100% material consumption and reusable components - no waste.
Reduces cleanup time and amount of cleaning solvent used.

FLYWEIGHT™: Smooth Lightweight Body Filler

Super lightweight, easy spreading and sanding polyester body filler.
Non-porous formula that will not shrink.
Tack free and bleed-through proof.
Very easy to sand product even after 24 hours.
     PLAST X : Smooth High Adhesion Body Filler for Plastics

Ideal for flexible substrates such as bumpers, SMC & most plastics.
Pinhole free polyester filler that is fast drying and easy sanding.
Fills scratches and scuffs or can be used to finish a repaired area.

DOLPHIN™: SmoothFine Putty

Self leveling properties eliminate pinholes and small imperfections, ideal for filling stonechips.
Provides the perfect surface for painting with minimal sanding required.
Also available in higher viscosity version for application to vertical surfaces.

S2028: 2.1 VOC Compliant NC Primer

Single pack nitro cellulose high build primer.
Very high solids formulation offering excellent coverage.
Fast drying and easy sanding.
Use with S2048 2.1VOC multifunction reducers.

LIQUID GOLD™: Pourable Glazing Putty

Premium pourable glazing putty.
Smooth and easy to sand.
Bi-cure adhesion system.
Impervious to solvents in 15-20 minutes.
Can be sanded and painted in 15-20 minutes.
New package allows for less waste.

S2084A: 2.1 VOC Compliant Clear Coat (2:1)

Hardens rapidly to give a high build, U.V. resistant coating.
Good flow and non-sag properties with excellent gloss and long term durability.
2.1 lb/gal VOC Compliant when used with S2037, S2038 & S2039 hardeners.

Specialty Coatings

Specialised coatings for specific applications including anti-stone chip protector and truck bed liner incorporating U-POL's unique FILL-SHAKE-SHOOT® delivery system.

Premium Masks

NIOSH N95 type, effective protection from airborne solids and liquids. Soft, comfortable inner layer and nose cushion. With valve, for easy breathing in hot & humid conditions.