Kwik Finish 2.1 Low VOC Clearcoat

Finish-Tec® Kwik Finish 2.1 Clearcoat is an acrylic urethane clearcoat with a sprayable V.O.C. of 2.1 #/gal (using EPA Test Method 24) for spot, panel and overall refinishing. This product can be used with all solvent based and water based basecoats. Kwik Finish 2.1 Clearcoat can be buffed in 2 hours at 75°F (24°C). Its fast dry time enables customers to cycle more cars through their shops. With Kwik Finish 2.1 a shop can clearcoat, buff/polish and deliver the vehicle in the same day! The reduced bake time requirements enable over twice as many vehicles to be processed through the paint booths. These advantages translate into less energy usage, and more profit per job.





1K Low VOC Speed Sealer

Transtar 6091 1K Low VOC Speed Sealer is a ready-to-spray acrylic sealer with good holdout properties and excellent adhesion. This non-sanding sealer is ideal for spot and panel refinishing and is designed to provide excellent DOI under a wide range of topcoats. 1K Low VOC Speed Sealer can be applied over sanded factory primers on replacement parts and panels.





Mul-TIE Adhesion Promoter

Transtar’s Mul-Tie Adhesion Promoter & Tie-Coat greatly enhances the adhesion, appearance and durability of virtually all types of finishes, even when applied over difficult types of plastics such as TPO and polypropylene. Mul-Tie Adhesion Promoter & Tie-Coat can be used under primers on flexible and rigid plastic parts, as a tie-coat between fresh or existing primer and color or base coat, and for edging and blend areas. It is excellent for use on fiberglass, SMC, PUR, PC and over properly prepared primers and coatings.





Quick Dry Rubberized Undercoating

Quick Dry Rubberized Undercoat is a rapid-drying highly protective automotive coating for autobody interiors and underhood applications. Resists rust and abrasion as it seals out dust and moisture. Deadens sound. Excellent adhe-sion to painted and unpainted surfaces. This product is 50 state compliant and meets all regulations for sale in the USA and Canada





2 in 1 Primer (Aerosol)

2 in 1 Primers are a specialty coating designed for easy and convenient priming of metal and plastic parts. These primers help prevent rust and seal out moisture, while providing a smooth base for topcoat application on metal substrates. 2 in 1 Primers also have excellent flexibility and adhesion properties that enable them to be applied to flexible and rigid parts. 2 in 1 Primers are fast drying, provide superior fill and build, and are easy to sand. They are compatible with virtually all automotive paints.