Dimension Pro


"Ahead of the Curve"

The Dimension® low VOC technology is "ahead of the curve" in delivering a 3.5 VOC Solvent borne Basecoat and a 2.8 VOC Single Stage in one compact system.

HS Basecoat                                      

3.5 VOC HS Basecoat


4 Dimension® 3.5 B/C color+ 1 DLV645 or DLV648 + 1 DR641


Drying Schedule:

Dust Free- 10 minutes

Tape Free- 15-30 minutes

To Apply Clearcoat- 15-20 minutes

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AWXthe waterborne basecoat /clear coat system offers a waterborne basecoat, as well as ancillary products such as Ultra High Performance low VOC clear coats that provide faster drying times, easier application, superior hiding, coverage and color matching that improve shop productivity.

 Advanced Technology That Delivers Profits and Productivity

 Advanced Technology Without Uncertainty

 Advanced Technology With a Conscience


Finish 1™ Factory Pack System

Finish 1 is a high performing 3.5 VOC Acrylic Enamel offering
excellent gloss and metallic control. For optimum performance,
use of the recommended sealer is suggested.

System Information

Features, Benefits, Advantages


4 Finish 1 3.5 Color + 1 Hardener

Air Dry:
Out of Dust – 30 minutes @ 70° F
To Deliver – Overnight


GENESIS M Low HAPS, Low VOC Single Stage

Genesis M is a high performance, low VOC, low HAP's, two component acrylic polyurethane topcoat that resists marring, stone chips and harsh environments.  Genesis M is an easy to use, high gloss, extremely durable, chemical resistant air-dry and force-dry acrylic polyurethane topcoat that is available in solid colors only.  It is an extremely versatile product and is recommended for use on airline ground support equipment, beverage trucks, concrete trucks, DOT equipment, waste trucks, public transportation equipment and other applications.  Additionally,Genesis M is specifically designed for manufacturers requiring excellent hiding and sag-resistance.  

Technical data                                                        Results                                          Real World

Appearance                                                             Excellent                      
    20% Gloss                                                                  80                                                   Increases consumer satisfaction and sales potential
    60% Gloss                                                                  90                       
    Distinctness of Image (DOI)                                          90
    ACT Orange Peel Rating                                               >5

Flexibility                                                                 Excellent
    Impact Resistance >80 in./lbs                                         Pass                                                 Resists chipping in extreme conditions
    1/8" Mandrel Bend                                                       Pass                       
    Frozen Gravelometer                                                     Pass

Chemical Resistance
    Anti Freeze                                                                 No Effects
    Diesel Fuel                                                                  No Effects                                       Resists appearance defects and protects substrate from attack following spills
    Gasoline                                                                      No Effects
    Motor Oil                                                                    No Effects           
    Muriatic Acid  (2:1 with water)                                         No Effects
    Solvent (Methyl Ethyl Ketone)                                        No Effects
    Acid (Sulfuric Acid)                                                      No Effects
    Alkali (Sodium Hydroxide)                                              No Effects

Moisture Resistance                                               Excellent
    Humidity Resistance                                                      96 Hours                                       Resists appearance defects and assists protection of substrate in high moisture regions

Corrosion Resistance                                              Excellent
    Salt Spray                                                                     500 Hours No Effect                        Resists appearance defects and assists protection of substrate in harsh environment

Exterior Weather ability                                          Excellent
    Xenon Accelerated Weathering                                        Pass Gloss and Color Retention        Resists appearance changes over time
    5 degree South Black Box Florida Weathering                      Pass Gloss and Color Retention