De Beer Refinish' Vision

As a result of high levels of efficiency throughout all our operations, we are able to supply a worldwide range of compact, complete, and high quality vehicle repair paints at competitive prices.  This ensures an ideal balance between price and quality.  Our vision is to develop products that enable our customers to offer a cost-effective service thereby improving their own profitability.

The WaterBase 900 Series is one of the most user-friendly water-based coating systems currently available. One of the improvements of the WaterBase 900 Series is that it is an entirely non-stirring system. Applying the WaterBase 900 Series is just as simple as applying any customary basic varnish. Consisting of just 52 mixing colours (including pearl, metallic and xirallic mixing colours), the WaterBase 900 Series has been kept simple deliberately. Combined with primers, clear coats and hardeners, this system yields excellent results at a modest cost.

LIC Industrial Finishes

Product Description: LIC50 is a general purpose polyurethane enamel formulated to give outstanding gloss, depth, chemical resistance, and durability. This product is recommended for use where 2.8 VOC is required.